Thursday, May 30, 2013

E a vencedora é...Lu Ain Zaila*

Eis a vencedora do Concurso "World bellydance contest" lançado por mim: Lu Ain Zaila.

Muitos Parabéns à Lu e a todas as outras queridas bailarinas que participaram com as suas respostas, definições de "Dança Oriental" e presença amorosa. O meu abraço mais carinhoso para todas vocês!

Aqui ficam as respostas (vencedoras) enviadas pela Lu (tudo em inglês):

1- At what age did Joana Saahirah start to study classical ballet?
Answer: She began your studies with 5 years old.

2 - When did Joana Saahirah perform on television for the first time (when and where)?
Answer: Your first performance was in Portugal in the television in a children´s show called “Brinca, brincando” with 5 years old.

The Oriental Dance is an art alive with the amazing ability to be both public and personal. She carries in her intimate, the sharing and the transformation of the human being who is chosen by her to dance.
This reality certainly is due to its original essence, contemplation of life itself, but today in a broader context, search liveliness in each of us.
Oriental dance only is complete when we can bring afloat, the ability to expose yourself, seems simple, but is very difficult, because it depends largely of our emotions experienced by each of our senses: a hug, a kiss, or the witness of the more simple joy.
Our ability to express themselves through of body in movement depends on our resignation to the walls we erect around our feelings and of who we are, and allow to be seen loving every inch of Arabic poetry in lyrics, feeling in your core the touch of each instrument as an extension of heart, of soul is a personal challenge, private shared with the audience that craves this exchange .

The movements characteristic of oriental dance are important, but no mean nothing if we do not we give them literally our identity, because to express a broken heart, loving, a smile or pain is not something simple, there is no room in this dance for a representation of a ethereal figure, incidentally, nor for representation because the movements are not static, the feeling is not plastic, not request mime and yes, our ability unique and unmistakable to express who we are and the feelings that come to the skin.

Oriental dance is an art that involves our senses in various ways and this perception and respect for what it means, and what it is essentially is what feeds creativity and gives us awareness of what we do and interpret.
This ability to express the oriental dance in a manner genuine and integrates not only comes from the heart, but the study, knowledge and of the sensory immersion we need to do in this "life". Not only movements and music make the oriental dance, she makes yourself of our ability to dream with life around the Nile, with the wind of the desert, the streets full of markets, family celebrations, colors, smells and sounds that are not music or movement, but the true inspiration, the life again."

Lu Ain Zaila



  1. Feliz é pouco, estou honradíssima com este reconhecimento.

    Bjs. Flor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely blog Joana which I read with great interest! Thank you for the education! I can't wait to attend your workshop!

  3. Querida Lu,
    Também me sinto muito feliz por ti. Não vejo no meu horizonte mais imediato quem merecesse mais este prémio do que tu.
    Estarás a recebê-lo muito brevemente em tua casa. Seguiu no correio há cerca de 10 dias atrás.
    Abraços e Parabéns, uma vez mais.

  4. BilkaSkincare,

    Thanks for your presence and tender support. Much appreciated.
    You also have my other blog: "Diary of Egypt" written in english:

    Much Love*,